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Roger Wardell Understands!


Some things in life are just too big to squeeze inside the four walls of a house. They are too vital to pack into an occasional trip away from the hustle and bustle of the city. They need open space. And they need to be at home. To Roger Wardell country settings provide space for living and relaxing at your own pace.

Country Roots

The roots of that outlook began in Iowa on his parents’ family farm. When other kids were bored during summer vacations in the city, Roger was spending his free time riding his bike in the back fields with his dog, Ginger. When graduates headed to city jobs Roger finished college and launched his accounting career. But instead of living in a city apartment he lived in a nearby wooded, rural community where he could spend time on classic cars after work. When opportunity knocked by way of corporate downsizing Roger headed west to Utah with its rugged mountains and open space for all kinds of outdoor living. He applied his rural work ethic to route sales, winning local and regional awards as he expanded multiple territories.

Retreat to Home

But settling down with his own family is when real estate caught his attention. Roger and his wife, Joanna, chose to homeschool their children. Naturally he wanted a country place for his own growing children to care for animals, raise a garden, and just plain enjoy the outdoors. In real estate he found an opportunity to assist clients who have the same passion for the country he has. Whether it’s a horse property or larger space for more privacy Roger can relate to these lifestyle needs.

Your Field Guide

One of Roger’s trademarks as a trusted real estate professional is his down to earth explanations during each client’s real estate transaction. He feels it is very important to listen to their concerns and answer their questions so they can feel comfortable when buying or selling. When a client is equipped with the information they need they are in a better position to make sound decisions to meet personal goals. A long list of satisfied clients is what makes real estate rewarding for Roger.

At Your Country Side

So when the country is your thing Roger understands. Turn to Roger’s brand of friendly service for places with open space. He’s at home on the range and results speak for themselves.

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