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Here are some stories where Roger was able to help some

Country Home Sellers & Buyers move on with their lives


 - T & P had good news and bad news.  The good news was that he had been promoted!  The bad news was that they needed to sell the one acre Layton country home that had been in their family since the 1920’s to relocate out of state.  They had lovingly cared for this place and it paid off.  This place listed, sold, and closed in just one month!  No longer living out of hotel rooms and coming home on weekends the whole family is together again in their new home with the new job.


-  E contacted us from California.  She needed to sell the Warren horse property in her mother’s estate.  She hadn’t been able to find an agent that knew about water shares until she talked to Roger.  Every property has its attractions and its challenges.  This one was no exception.   The land was worth more than the house making the financing and appraisal difficult.  Yet she was able to sign closing papers in just a few months.  Today she’s enjoying her recent retirement and her grandchildren.


- S & D were discouraged.  Their Ogden Valley country home had expired 4 times before Roger met with them.  He liked the home’s features and believed they were very marketable. 3 months later the home sold and closed and they were able to move on with their lives’ next chapter.


-  G & J were no strangers to handling their own real estate transactions.  But age and health difficulties were making it all too difficult to handle anymore.  They needed to sell a cute one acre horse property they’d acquired near Ogden.  The house was small and older but we still saw potential for some new owners.  In just over 2 months this elderly couple no longer needed to mow an extra lawn and walked away with a check for the equity they had gained.


-  C & V loved their Hooper horse property but a bad mortgage forced them to decide to downsize.  A large pre-payment penalty made selling this place a challenge but through some creative options tailored to their situation they sold their home and are now in their new home.


-   K & P in West Warren needed to move their ailing parent in to stay with their family but they had no additional room to accommodate him.  Roger found them a 5 acre horse property that was ideal for their needs so they listed their 2 acre home with Roger.  Coordinating the timing of selling one home and buying another can be a serious challenge.  This place also needed some fix up, and then got caught in the middle of the shake up in the mortgage industry.  Even with all these obstacles they were able to close on both homes in the time they needed.  Today they are enjoying their new place and being able to better care for Dad.


- M & H were in a jam.  After a long hunt they found the house they wanted in Tremonton—but they had to sell their home first!  Relatives referred them to Roger who was able to help them list their home, sell it, and close it in 29 days!  He was also able to help them buy their new Box Elder home as well.


- P & M came in from England.  They were retiring from the military and were looking for a country setting that reminded them of England and other places they loved.  They now live on a wooded acre with a rustic home that suits their style.


- L had a 1031 deadline that involved selling a 320 acre parcel in Park Valley.  Within 2 ½ weeks he had 3 offers.  He was able to sell for full price and meet his deadline.


-G & V couldn’t rent anymore.  They needed a country home for their large family.  A kind friend passed along one of Roger’s postcards to them.  After looking in 3 counties they found what they space they needed Cache County.



- G & M wanted a sure sale on their Davis county horse property.  They told Roger the net they wanted.  Roger told them he could get more.  So they signed the listing agreement for the higher price.  But when Roger looked at the comps again he called them back.  In good conscience to them they really needed to list even more!  In 2 ½ months they closed the home and walked away with a lot more equity than they ever planned.


-  J & H were newlyweds who wanted their first home to be a horse property.  Roger found a bank owned manufactured home in the country.  They were skeptical about it until they walked inside—it exceeded their expectations.  Roger worked with a team of professionals who all helped to make a tricky transaction happen for these first time homebuyers.


- K & A were from Morgan county and wanted a country home with garden space to raise their young family.  Because Roger was familiar with the market in country homes he knew where the best buys were for what they wanted.  They have a place to grow a garden and grow their equity as well.


- A & S found out their garage was actually on the neighbor’s property!  Modern surveying equipment is much more exact than when the garage was built.  Furthermore every property on this road was 10 feet off.  This made ever selling their horse property difficult at best.  Working with the title company and the neighbors Roger was able to coordinate a land swap that freed up the sale of their house, enabling them to move up to a beautiful newer country home.


- M & M dreamed of owning their own horse property.  Even though they owned a lovingly cared for home in town it just wasn’t what they ultimately wanted.  Sometimes it takes work to make dreams happen but they were committed.  They started working with a mortgage professional and worked with Roger to sell their home in town and find their horse property.  Getting caught in the changing mortgage industry created new challenges.  With lots of negotiating and searching for creative solutions they are now in their own horse property—and glad the long quest is over!


- C & K came in from Wyoming because of a job promotion.  A horse property was a definite must.   They found the place that suited their needs and their price range.  They were so pleased with Roger’s service they recommended him to their family.


- J had lived in her country home for 20 years but when a dying family member wanted her to buy their remodeled country home it was an offer she couldn’t refuse.  She needed to sell and fast in a race against time.  Her home sold and closed in 30 days with the equity she needed.


- W & E were retiring from the military and wanted to move out of state.  They thought they’d sell their place themselves until Roger showed how they could get their price plus his commission in a faster sale.  Sounded good to them.  It sounded especially good when after they listed they learned that their property was smaller than they thought!  It had been represented as larger when they bought it but when Roger checked it out it was quite a bit smaller and not actually a horse property at all!  By checking out the facts Roger had prevented them from the liability of misrepresenting the property.  In spite of it all they were still able to walk away with close to what they wanted.


-D was a single mom who could no longer keep up with all the lawn on her horse property and provide for her family too.  She had a historical older home with lots of character that she had lovingly maintained but with a layout that wasn’t for everyone.  But her home did sell and Roger helped her find a smaller place on the edge of town where she could still see cattle next door.


-C & S wanted to try selling their 2 acre horse property themselves.  But then decided to speed up the sale and listed with Roger.  The home was under contract in 7 days and closed painlessly in 36 days.

-C & L had a young family and realized the house they were living in wasn’t enough for their needs.  It was a small grandfathered horse property that they poured some significant work into.  A relative had referred Roger to them so they decided to call him and explore their options.  With the rise in the market and the improvements they made Roger felt they could get more than what they’d hoped for out of it.  And they did—the offer came the same day it came on the market.  That was the easy part.  Getting the appraisal was the challenge but the sale went through.  But it still wasn’t over.  They still needed a horse property.  After some intense searching Roger found a 2 acre horse property just listed in their price range—with 6 showings scheduled the next day.  Roger got them in that night brought the contract along so they could put an immediate offer on it. They did and their offer was accepted before the next morning.  They moved to a community they loved with a great equity position to boot.


-D & E had moved off  the ranch physically but were still ranchers at heart and needed a horse property.  After some intense searching they found the home they wanted.  It was a bank owned home that was not on the market yet. But the day it was listed, Roger was ready with an offer for his clients and successfully negotiated the sale.

- K & C were tired of the city and its ordinances against small animals.  It was time to move to a more rural location.  Roger helped them sell their home and find a country home that allowed the animals they wanted.  Today they are still living in the wooded horse property they bought 10 years ago!   

These are real people living real lives with real needs—just like you.  While I am naturally drawn to horse and country properties it is the people I love to work with.  Helping others is very rewarding.   It is possible for you to have a happy ending like the clients above.

Let's set up an appointment to see your place or find out what kind of place you'd like to buy and just learn about your situation.  Then together we can formulate a plan tailored to your needs.   Meeting your real estate goals is my job.


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